About New Cottage

New Cottage has quite a history before becoming the twelve bed dorm it is today. It is not one of the original buildings which dates back quite far as you can see from the black and white picture on the right. This building was originally built as a theater — actually called The Playhouse. It was also used at this time for nightly Vespers (evening prayer) — and as a Chapel. More information and accurate dates to follow.

The structure of the building was also different. It started as a single floor structure with one entrance and had a beamed cathedral ceiling and dark wood wainscoating. Much later it was turned into an infirmary and an addition of some rooms and a kitchen were for the resident nurse and office space for the visiting doctor. There were four infirmary rooms with call lights and observation windows for the resident medical staff.

As the student body grew larger the Health Center was created elsewhere and the building was made into New Cottage Dorm. Another entrance was made in the split level building and access was through this lower level This area at present has 2 single rooms, one double, bathroom, dorm kitchen and dorm common room with limited cable TV and the dorm has internet access and WiFi. There is also a dorm parent apartment.

The original floor stayed much the same as the infirmary days but with an extra two single student rooms one of which has a half bath. This is usually assigned to the dorm president. The dorm head apartment is accessable from this floor or from the front entrance facing Bishop Hall. In 2007 when Bishop Hall was constructed the tennis courts in front of this entrance were removed and replaced with an expansive lawn.

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